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Larynx Productions is an enterprise that revolves around the artistic sector. We offer a variety of services such as high-quality audio-visual recording and editing. We produce and promote original musical artists. We provide music groups for your special occasions like weddings, corporate events, annual office parties, galas, restaurants and bars, anniversaries or other special events. We also can meet various needs such as the recording of your album and music demo, the recording and audio post-production of your commercials Radio or TV, audio-visual editing of your LIVE performances as we as making the sound engineering of you show, the realization and design of musical arrangement or design and production of your promotional video or music video.

All over Quebec and Ottawa.


Larynx Productions knows how to bond with your project in order to make it successful.

You will have access to high-quality services in a warm friendly atmosphere, and have the pleasure to work with an experienced, talented, versatile and professional team that can adjust to your needs. A trustworthy team that helps you reach your goals.


Check out our website for more information. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to communicate with us through our contact page.

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About Larynx Productions

Larynx productions will be the best partner for the realization of your music or video projects, songwriting, musical arrangements, album production, LIVE shows, corporate events, audiovisual recording or editing, LIVE or studio performances.

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The March Blues Project
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The March Blues Project

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